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Fitbot – It Fits Everyone

What it is
The Fitbot is a shape shifting robot mannequin created by the Estonian start-up to make part of its virtual fitting room service for online retailers. Costumers are asked to fill up their detailed measurements like height, chest, arm length, torso, waist, hips and so on, so they can create a mannequin with the exact same shape as theirs. The next step is to simply pick the clothes and start trying it on, from the comfort of their homes!

Besides of solving one of the biggest problem of buying clothes online – because the costumer can actually try out the goods before purchase, although in a virtual kind of way – when adapted to a real store, it still dispenses fitting rooms to influence costumer’s decision. Moreover, it gives the costumer the opportunity to see himself from an outside and 360º perspective.

Regarding female consumers, the Fitbot has a complex system of hundreds of thousands of female body shapes (or 85 percent of woman who shop online today), which works a little bit like an instant fashion consultant, appealing to the consumer’s self-judgment about her image.

This leads us to the most revolutionary feature of Fitbot. It challenges the whole Fashion industry concept and molds, mostly in woman’s wear, which have been kept unchanged for decades, stuck to a standard hourglass figure that corresponds only to 8% of women.

Why it is Cool
Fitbot says self-body image has become crucial to clothing provision and fashion consumption and every fashion consumer (not just every size, but every shape and proportion) needs to be attended and seen as they really are. This foresees a Fashion democracy on the rise.

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