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  1. Marco Pedroni says:

    Hi Salome. I am teaching in a course of Fashion retail and I have read with enthusiasm your report. Norbert’s criticism are true, but this is the right direction to make the clothes online selling become as friendly and popular as other kinds of online transactions are. It could be interesting to verify, within a couple of years, whether this innovation will spread over the world or not.

  2. Hi Salome, the idea is nice but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. To be honest I don’t think it is ready to be eaten right now. Why? You say: ‘Costumers are asked to fill up their detailed measurements like height, chest, arm length, torso, waist, hips and so on…’. I really doubt people will do it. An additional problem is that average customers don’t really know what is meant by f.e. arm length. This might sound ‘stupid’, but does it start on top of your shoulder or below? The solution could be to combine online and offline (is that the plan?). This means the fitbot should be in stores where they help you once. All details will be stored and mailed for future use. Slight changes of course should be possible depending on type of clothes.

    • Hi Norbert! it’s really nice meeting you : ) you are absolutely right about costumers knowing how to measure themselves. That’s a crucial point to its functionality and I wasn’t even aware of that detail. thank you! Fitbot will probably work better in the store, in its physical version (as you can see it in the video). Even because it gives the costumer the opportunity to see himself from an outside and 360º perspective, like he went shopping with a friend.
      Either way, I believe the biggest insight Fitbot can give us has to do with body shape stereotype and beauty concept. Can you imagine? Fashion industry and its construction molds like standardization, patternmaking and grading have been stuck to a hourglass figure mannequin for centuries (because that is an ideal of female beauty). Fitbot is about accepting everyone’s uniqueness and saying fashion is not about ‘packaging’. Today’s fashion is about taking your best features to the top!

  3. Carl Rohde Top Contributor says:

    Hi Salome. Right now I am traveling through Spain and Italy inviting over 300 students to Coolhunt on six Cool Mentality trends. One of these trends consist of all Cool manners to let the online and the offline world blur. Your Example of Cool fully fits in here. Lovely!

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