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  1. Silke Bellefleur says:

    I like the concept too, but it demands for active participation. I inscribed but I saw that within my surroundings (which is Amsterdam) so far hardly anybody’s around. I could ofcourse start exchanging stuff with people from Canada, but I guess it then misses the point of the concept. Let’s see how this idea evolves. Peerby, on the other hand, is working quite well. After two weeks, I already reveiced three requests, which gives an interesting dynamics and new way of communicating with my fellow urban, usually anonomous, inhabitants.

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  3. Carl Rohde Top Contributor says:

    Bart! Nice to have you here again. (And please, note that I will be in Shanghai for six week starting end of April). Regarding your Examples of Cool: I like the slogan : Why Shop? When You Can Share? For sure this points Direction Future. (And I also like how Joe, in the video, expresses that he is very much in need of a blender :-). But what exactly is the difference with all the other exchaning-gear wbsites? The ideological counter culture perspective? Thanks for sure. Your Example of Cool solidifies our Sane Recession insights!