What it Is: “Chido’s mushrooms” is a young business that converts organic waste into healthy food. The business receives coffee grounds from coffee shops and restaurants, and uses it to cultivate healthy and protein-rich mushrooms. “Chido’s muchrooms” can be purchased at local farmer markets or consumed in restaurants, which focus on sustainable mushroom cultivation. By providing local areas with Chido’s mushrooms, the need for international mushroom transportation is reduced. In addition, the organic coffee waste is transformed into a basis for food growth. For individual households, “Chido’s mushrooms” also offer the possibility to purchase their own “grow on mushrooms” kit to cultivate mushrooms at home.


Why it is Cool: It is a very cool example of eco cool as it uses waste to create a new and highly required resource, namely food. This business model creates a long-term win-win situation for the coffee shops, restaurants, “Chido’s muchrooms”, and moreover, for the environment. A lot of people drink coffee so have the possibility to cultivate the mushrooms at home.


Why it has Future Growth Potential: Given the fact that mushrooms are usually cultivated by destroying the natural forest environment, this is a new eco-friendly way of cultivating them. It has future growth potential due to many reasons. Firstly, the consumption of coffee and hence coffee ground remains, making the basis to cultivate mushrooms available. Secondly, it is very easy to implement, as not a lot of effort or knowledge is required. Thirdly, it can be implemented in various locations (individual households, restaurants, etc.). Especially in less developed countries, this type of converting organic waste into healthy food can enable them to provide themselves with healthy, environmental-friendly mushrooms. Therefore, in the long run, hunger and poverty can be reduced.

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