Eduardo Garcia

Lisbon, Portugal

Who are you?

Jose Eduardo Garcia de Souza is a Senior Partner at T2Y brand, a property of AYG Innovation Consulting, a company specialising in Trends and Innovation based in Lisbon - and (most probably) because of his long name everybody he knows calls him “Duca”. At an early age he fell in love with Advertising and practised it for nearly 30 years (27 of them with Ogilvy) in 5 countries: Brazil (where he was born), England, Spain, Portugal and Kazakhstan - always in Client Services and with a heavy strategic slant to it. Training is another passion of his, and he has been involved with it for more than 15 years, be it as Training Leader at the offices he worked, be it giving sessions and organising Training Courses and Seminars. Outside work his other passions are cinema, books, motor racing and food. He has a great wife, a great son and a stammer.