International Cool City Hunt Project



The International Cool City Hunt project is Science of the Time’s university curriculum program. It aims to educate and train students and universities to become more trends  and innovation sensitive. Worldwide the better universities recognize that becoming trends- & innovation-sensitive is a key competence for students, teachers and professors. Especially so, in a contemporary Flat World where everybody is competing with everybody else on a level playing field.


How it works

Students and lecturers will receive an update on important validated mentality trends that will shape our future. After that they will be ready to start Coolhunting. With the help of our online tool they will learn to document and present their examples of Cool, and reflect on the examples found by their fellow Coolhunters from all over the world.


Track record

We have trained over 8.000 Coolhunters in their countries in the last ten years. With knowledge about leading Validated Mentality trends of the world we invite them to go on a Coolhunt to collect the best Examples of the trends according to their national vision. They have roamed their cities and the web. This makes the International Cool City Hunt research project is the biggest Youth Mentality Trend research worldwide. Over 30 universities on four continents participated in it during the last four years. Find the brochure with all required information by clicking here.

Cool City Hunt  

Dedicated Partners

Some universities have become dedicated partners of the International Cool City Hunt project. You can read some of their letters of praise here.

If you are interested to participate, please contact us