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Our strategic brochure for universities to participate in the International Future forecasting research

In this brochure, Benefits of participating in the International Cool hunt project,  it is emphasised that combining the knowledge of universities with the industry will result in great teamwork with wonderful, valuable results.  The booklet is divided in three parts;

  • Part one: Both education and research: BEING IN THE KNOW.
  • Part two: Within the context of public relations: GETTING THE EYES. 
  • Part three: Deriving money from participating: INTEGRATING WITH BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIES

It’s a great read for anybody and feel welcome to contact us f you want more information or are ready to talk how Science of the Time can help you to be more trend sensitive.

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Serious Trendwatching

For the booklets in the series ‘Serious Trendwatching’, Carl Rohde has selected the 25 best examples of Cool that can enhance people’s Quality of Life. These examples were all spotted by the best Coolhunters from various academic years at International Lifestyle Studies as part of an ambitious Quality of Life research project. In cooperation with the students, Rohde analyzed these examples thoroughly. His main objective was to make this valuable methodology more transparent for students. Secondly, he wanted new generations of students to understand how the academy perceives Quality of Life, and to inspire students to embrace the subject.



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