Trend Research & Innovation Courses

Why We Use Cool


In almost all organizations an immense stock of knowledge circles around. Part of it is common good: vision and mission statements. Bigger parts however don’t come to the fore. Our years of experience have resulted in various trend research and innovation courses to help you ‘mine’ this existing knowledge.


Future Vitality Scan

The Future Vitality Scan functions as a brainstorm, the 21st Century way: highly interactive, easily stretchable over all layers of the organization, helping to ‘bond’ the organization around its central future issues – and empowered by intuitive digital technologies. What, for instance, does your organization members ‘see’ as opportunities, challenges or threats for future welfare? What Signs & Seeds of new developments do they notice that you might want to give attention to? What are early warning signs? What is the wisdom of the crowd on these issues? During the Future Vitality Scan your organization works on serious trendwatching, solid innovation and organizational development.

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International Cool City Hunt Project

The International Cool City Hunt project is Science of the Time’s university curriculum program. It aims to educate and train students and universities to become more trends  and innovation sensitive

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Trend Implementation

Whether your business is retail, health & wellness, hospitality, urbanism or something completely different, we have multiple experts in our network. They will be happy to guide you through the process of trend implementation.



A trend research & innovation course can take from one day up to several months. The price for a course depends on the intensity of the project.

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