Experience Economy

The Experience Economy is fuel for our consumer society for a few decades now. The best introduction to the Experience Economy is the story of that Eternal Coffee Bean, presented in Pine & Gilmore’s bestseller book.
“When I prepare coffee at home, the beans cost me about 20 cents per cup of coffee. When I want to drink those same coffee beans in the restaurant nearby, I pay 2 euros. Ten times as much. But I am not complaining, because the restaurant buys and prepares the coffee. That is service industry. However, when I want to drink those same coffee beans at, say, San Marco Piazza in Venice, I pay 20 euros per cup of coffee. That is Experience Economy. You do not pay for the coffee bean. You pay for the Experience. And you are prepared to pay hundred times as much compared to drinking the coffee at your home. Welcome to Experience Economy.”

  • 2011


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  • 2009

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  • 2007


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  • 2005


    Phase 2: Living Room Experiences

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  • 2005


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  • 1999

    Nike Town Berlin

    Phase 1: Flagshipstore

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  • 1998


    Pine and Gilmore

    Pine and Gilmore publish their book Experience Economy. Translated in 43 languages. A ...

  • 1991


    Planet Hollywood

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