The Decline of the West. The Rise of the Rest. Our world is getting smaller. Everything is in our backyard. Globalization is a movement that’s unstoppable and gets new sub movements every once in a while.

  • 2011

    BRIC strikes back

    Two new sharp sentences about the rich West – and another painful one. A. They...

  • 2011

    Research broadens

    Science of the Time’s International Cool City Hunt is enlarging its focus. Next to the BRIC the...

  • 2011

    Power shifts

    Ten years ago rich countries dominated the world economy, contributing around two third of glob...

  • 2010

    ICCP focusses on BRIC

    Science of the Time’s International Cool City hunt Project – conducted with more than 35 univer...

  • 2009

    New Green Deal

    Friedman publishes his follow up: ...

  • 2006

    The World is Flat

    Thomas Friedman’s ...

  • 2001


    2001: The BRIC concept start to take off. Goldman Sachs argues that Brazil, Russia, India and C...

  • 1991

    Business Globalization

    1990-2000: Globalization is business basically means that Western companies can conquer the wor...

  • 1990

    A Brief History 1300-1990

    1300: Globetrotters like Marco Polo, Columbus and Vasco da Gama give body and meaning to the co...

  • 1970

    Telephone, Fax, Internet

    1930: The telephone revolution takes off in the USA. 1980: The fax helps the word to exchange m...

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