Empower ME. All about the individualization and how the human being has developed and constructed a post-modern identity over time.

  • 2012

    Empower ME in Asia

    2010 and on: Science of the Time starts researching into the meaning of Empower Me in the devel...

  • 2008

    Virtual Identities for brands and companies

    2008 and on: At Science of the time we start to do brainstorms about the need and the ‘when &am...

  • 2006

    Virtual Idenities

    2006 and on: Internet and the Social Web are taking off as an new & ultimate tool for Empow...

  • 2003

    Human Pearls and Cool Wonderlands

    Between 2003 and 2006, we discerned the Cool Mentality trend Human Pearls and Cool Wonderlands....

  • 2002


    The Ipod becomes the leading gadget to have. It is a great product/service because you do not h...

  • 1995

    The logic of the sign becomes ubiquitous

    1995: We do not want simple soap any more. We want ‘Dove’ (or another brand). We do not simply ...

  • 1985

    Marketing empowers

    1985 and on: In more and more life areas the logic of the sign takes over from the logic of uti...

  • 1974

    The Logic of the Sign

    1900 and on: Slowly the scarcity economy evolves into contemporary affluent economy – at least ...

  • 1973

    The Logic of Utility

    Until about 1900: Mankind lived in a scarcity economy. Empower Me developed under  “the logic o...

  • 1971

    Empower ME

    Since ever: Empower ME is the first mentality trend that ever arrived on the human landscape. W...

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  1. jeff mika says:

    Where is there a study of emerging patterns.?.. the study of the natural progressions of patterns and how they will emerge later in time based on the current patterns and how they progress?..