The most relevant Mentality Trends regarding Masculinity, validated over a longer period of time.

  • 2013


    Gender Neutral

    In progressive parts of Western and Asian society there is growing discussion about the blur be...

  • 2011


    Thinking and Rethinking

    2011: Thinking and rethinking the psychological and sociological dynamics of the Metrosexual Ma...

  • 2010

    Unjustified media tiredness

    2010 and on: Unjustified media tiredness with the concept continues. New emphasize on the desir...

  • 2008



    2008 and further: Strong and solid internationalization of the concept. Attention to intercultu...

  • 2005

    Growing Knowledge

    2005-2007: Growing general and marketing knowledge of the concept. Intensified discussion about...

  • 2000


    Household Concept

    2000-2005 Booming of the concept. The Metrosexual Male becomes a household concept. Growing imp...

  • 1994


    Metrosexual Male

    1994-2000: The rise and success of the so called New Men's magazines (UK and USA in the first p...

  • 1991


    Icon for CK

    1991: Mark Wahlberg for Calvin Klein became an icon. An icon that convincingly communi...

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