Stair Steps to the Cloud

Stair Steps to the Cloud

There’s no denying, we are heading towards that Ubiquitous Cloud in an unprecedented pace.

The king’s road for solving our collective health care problems (particularly the financial part of it): it’s in The Cloud. The king’s road for smoother traffic flowing through the cities of the near future: it’s in The Cloud. Assessing whether someone might commit a crime in the future, or whether someone will default on a mortgage or gets struck by a heart attack: you’d need The Cloud to get the answer. It is the place where we upload, collect and interpret all the Big Data available. This data becomes the raw material for every business, it becomes the ultimately vital economic input. Big Data will generate new forms of economic value.

Stair Steps To The Cloud

The Cloud will also bring us Next Level Personalization. Personalizing the design of your Nike sneaker was exciting for a while, but that has become “so 20th century”. Next Level Personalization means that Nike knows from your DNA info in the Cloud when you will show the first signs of arthritis. At what time therefore, the Cloud will know when it is wise to change from running to swimming. And if you want to run longer than is sensible for your knees, you can just ask the Cloud: what is the most beneficial sneaker for me? The best sneaker, in which the comfort, pads and soles are meticulously adapted to what you need, according to your DNA profile which is all stored in the Cloud.

The Cloud will be the place where the broadest amount of data about all of us is stored – with an intimate personal depth, which has been up to now unparalleled.  Cloud penetration will be both Broader and Deeper at the same time.

Stakeholders are ecstatic about all the new wonders we will find on the Stair Steps to the Cloud. On the other hand there is also a great deal of Matrix Anxiety discernible in today’s times, a fear that Google and the likes will own the matrixes of our lives.


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