The Industrial Web / The Internet of Things

Industrial web

Imagine this: the things around you start talking to each other. They will spring to life and form an intelligent network that did not exist before and leads us into The Programmable World. In this world your house has become a digital nervous system, where the sprinklers take orders from moisture sensors. Your alarm clock gives orders to your espresso machine. The machines in your gym will anticipate on your training schedule even before your arrive. Your coffee shop will sense that you are about to enter their shop and starts to prepare your caffeine shot, perfectly suited to your tastes. All of this seems quite futuristic, but it might be closer than you think. It is the Internet of Things in full effect.

The Internet of Things

It is the Internet of Things and what all this implies to us as consumers and citizens; what it means to us as entities with the ambition and desire to see life flowing more smoothly than ever before. Ubiquitous sensors will make it possible, as well as super smart phones.

When we focus on what the Ubiquitous Sensor Revolution means to us as consumers and citizens, we refer to the Internet of Things. When we focus on what this Ubiquitous Sensor Revolution means for manufacturing, we talk about The Industrial Web.

The Industrial Web and The Internet of Things are two sides of the same coin. Imagine a factory where every machine feeds back information to solve problems on the production line. General electric sensors are being added to wind turbines, to railroad locomotives and to hospital beds. Nokia is collecting minute details about roads to feed into advanced driving systems. This is the Industrial Web in action.

Also imagine, when all things around us get an intelligent voice, not only General Motors can tap into that, but you as an agent as well. The Internet of Things + the Industrial Web + the democratization of 3D printing will empower us to become our own manufactures. This is The Makers Revolution.

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