Breaking the barriers of taste and gender

A story by Aline Krioghlian

Have you ever heard the term ‘heterofriendly’? I’m sure you’ve heard ‘gay friendly’ which means ‘being kind to gays’. Well, you can imagine its meaning and the powerful message that it conveys. In recent years, the term ‘heterofriendly’ became popular — meaning that heterosexuals are kindly welcome in all the gay places. Axel Hotels has patented this concept, pioneering in Barcelona in 2003 as the leading business group aimed to the LGBTIQ+ community. The business concept of the hotel chain is based on diversity, respect for the community along with an urban, trendy and fun atmosphere. Likewise, I want to introduce you to Bollo. So, let’s read on!

Bollo — meaning ‘bun’ but also slang for ‘lesbian’ — is a colorful entrepreneur Cakery situated on the urban street of Diputació in Eixample or Gayxample, as the Axel Hotel’s website describes it, since 2018. It’s a conceptual bakery that created pastry and cakes inspired by the latest trends.

Opened by a passionate female chef in her 30s, Lorena Hendlin, calls herself the queen of Bollo. She has been to two culinary schools; Hofmann School and Espai Sucre where she became the master of the sweet world and discovered her true passion: Pastry.

The pastry shop draws inspiration from taste, color, humor and fantasy to embrace the freedom in pastry making that breaks out of the traditional bakeries. Bollo loves color, blurring gender barriers and sweets!

The place is undoubtedly Instagrammable pulling towards millennial trends, with the smart use of neon lights, satisfying juxtaposition of colors and one-of-a-kind pastry selection.

The shop is divided into two: the selling and tasting area and the kitchen where the pastries are made on the side, separated by a glass door with bright aluminum ceiling that reminds one of a NASA space laboratory. Adding on to what millennials like, pastry lovers also have the choice to personalize their own cake — and I don’t just mean write your name on top of the cake — you can actually design the whole cake including the flavor by collaborating with the chef.

Each bite creates an irresistible, whimsical explorations and creativity overflows, especially with the naming of the pastries: from Mojito bites, to Diamond Eggs to Unicorn Poop.

Besides the appealing outlook, Bollo is health conscious with 99% natural dyes and uses organic raw materials and quality ingredients, with vegan and gluten free options that are low in sugar and high in love.

The pastry shop appeals to millennials’ never-ending search for unboring experiences and brings the feel-good sensation by the look, smell and taste of its pastry. The original idea of being heterofriendly is also interesting to recognize our hetero friends, family and neighbors by supporting and promoting gay pride events, using the inspiring color palette from the rainbow flag. Bollo is definitely worth a visit and worth a try — my mouth is watering just thinking about those delicious cakes!

Watch this video for more info.

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Written by: Aline Krioghlian

Aline is a Master’s student specializing in F&B and restaurant management in Barcelona.

Previously a Social Media Content Writer in Dubai, Aline has decided to expand her knowledge and learn more about the hospitality field.

She loves traveling around the world and be open to new experiences that will expose her to new cultures. She’s Lebanese with Armenian origins.

She is passionate about constantly learning new things and exploring trends and creative solutions.

Her hobbies include cooking, photography and board games. When she’s not doing all those, she’s probably trying out a new restaurant.

She loathes speaking about herself in the third person, but can be convinced to do so from time to time. Find her on Instagram