Anna Milani is the founder and CEO of SPARKD | The Brain and Fitness Hub, a unique gym in Singapore that focuses on integrating physical training with brain health activities. With over 20 years in the health and fitness industry, Milani has shifted her attention towards holistic brain and physical health from a longevity and prevention perspective. The gym aims to address various customer personas, including individuals concerned about cognitive decline, those recovering from brain injuries, high-performance athletes, and individuals seeking preventive brain training.

SPARKD’s approach involves assessing the physical and cognitive condition of each member, both in-person and online. The gym’s space includes brain fitness equipment that allows for gamification, cognitive motor training, and other brain-stimulating activities. Clients take a cognitive assessment test before starting their personalized Brain & Body exercise program. Group classes are conducted on different days, targeting specific physical and cognitive aspects. For example, cardiovascular and memory training are combined, and strength exercises are paired with visual and spatial recognition.

SPARKD employs a unique training methodology where individuals engage in physical exercises while simultaneously solving cognitive tasks, based on studies suggesting that this type of cognitive motor training enhances neuroplasticity more effectively than separate physical or cognitive activities. The gym caters to various clients, including those recovering from medical conditions, individuals noticing mild cognitive declines, high-performance enthusiasts, and young individuals attracted to gamified training.

SPARKD also offers group sessions, personal training, and special classes for corporate team-building events, combining competitive challenges, gamified elements, and social interactions to contribute to healthy team dynamics.