Artificial intelligence, Digital Marketing

The article discusses three urgent trends in AI and digital marketing. The first trend is Meta’s Advantage+, an AI-powered tool that automatically generates ads for advertising clients. Some advertisers claim that every dollar spent on a campaign generates $7 in return, but there are concerns about the quality of the ads. The second trend is the revitalization of voice assistants with the use of GPTs to make them more intelligent. Microsoft is leading the GPT furor, and GPT-empowered VAs will lead future marketing. The third trend is the search for new ways to target consumers due to Apple’s new privacy rules. Other businesses with significant amounts of first-party data, such as Amazon, Apple, TikTok, and retail media networks, are becoming more attractive to advertisers. However, Amazon’s walled gardens limit brands’ ability to learn from their customers, and some have left the platform as a result.