Fitness & Health, Artificial intelligence

Amir Bozorgzadeh is the CEO of Virtuleap, a virtual reality (VR) startup focused on health and education. He has a background in technology and entrepreneurship, with previous ventures in online banking and strategy games. Amir is passionate about using VR for social impact and has been involved in organizing hackathons and writing articles on the topic. Virtuleap’s main project, Enhance VR, is a brain monitoring and training tool that helps users understand their strengths and weaknesses and provides suggestions for improvement. They are also developing Cogniclear VR, which focuses on diagnosing neurological conditions and improving cognitive abilities. Amir faces challenges in recruiting VR developers and dealing with the large amount of data generated by their virtual games. Pricing and monetization are also areas of concern, as they consider how to create additional revenue streams. Despite these challenges, Virtuleap has recently raised funds and earned revenue through sales and corporate pilots. They see potential in the B2B market, particularly in healthcare, where VR has shown promise in pain management. Amir believes that there is a growing brain crisis in terms of concentration, especially among young generations who are easily distracted by social media platforms like TikTok.