Eva Ballarin is a prominent figure in the hospitality industry in Spain, known for her research, teaching, and speaking engagements. She has consistently been ranked among the top 50 impactful leaders in the hospitality sector. With over 30 years of experience in tourism, hotels, and restaurants, Eva has collaborated with various companies and entrepreneurs. She achieved recognition for creating a groundbreaking restaurant-finding app ahead of its time. Despite not achieving financial success with the app due to its early introduction, Eva emphasizes the importance of timing in seizing opportunities.

Eva’s current focus includes exciting initiatives and challenges in the industry. She now divides her time between Ibiza and engaging in projects with positive impacts. Her recent visit to Central America highlights her interest in developing sustainable and impactful tourism in emerging destinations. Eva is concerned about the growing reliance on data-driven approaches, leading to a disconnect from the human aspect of hospitality. While data-driven strategies enhance revenue management and service offerings, she believes that a balance between data and a more human-centered approach is essential to ensure guests feel valued and not reduced to mere data points.

She discusses the evolution of revenue management, driven by advanced technology and data insights. Hotels and restaurants are leveraging technology to enhance guest experiences, from mobile ordering to personalized cross-selling. Eva notes the influence of platforms like Airbnb, which are expanding into diverse service offerings but cautions against the potential loss of the personal touch. Algorithms, while powerful, still lack sophistication and struggle to fully understand human nuances. Eva suggests that algorithms could benefit from user-provided profiles and a more empathetic approach to enhance customer experience. She also emphasizes her preference for exploring lesser-known cities and cites instances where algorithms failed to comprehend her travel preferences, indicating the need for more human-centric design in technology.

In summary, Eva Ballarin is a respected figure in the hospitality industry who has witnessed its evolution over decades. She highlights the importance of balancing data-driven strategies with a human touch, raising concerns about the potential loss of personalization and connection as technology advances.

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