Jim Crowell is the founder and CEO of TheSageHouse, an investment and advisory company in the fitness and health industry. He has a background in athletics, stock trading, and coaching, and combines his interests in promoting a healthy lifestyle with financial expertise. He believes in the long-term need for health and fitness, but warns of the potential impact of weight loss pills on the industry. He sees the connected fitness space facing challenges and the resurgence of bricks-and-mortar fitness centers. Crowell predicts a future with multiple highly differentiated consumer bases, driven by captivating practices and communities.

He highlights the importance of methodologies that create deep connections with consumers, citing examples such as CrossFit, Zumba, and Peloton. He mentions various fitness niches, including those focused on strength, fun, measurement, outdoor activities, and online influencers. Crowell notes the challenges of the fragmented fitness market, the dominance of old-school thinking, and the fluctuating nature of consumer preferences.

In envisioning the perfect gym/fitness experience in 2030, Crowell predicts more personalized and activating suggestions through apps, mirror devices, and wearables connected to the cloud. He sees big chains leveraging technology and influencers, while mid-tier gyms struggle. High-end gyms that provide excellent service and personalized experiences will thrive. He emphasizes the importance of coaches becoming lifestyle choreographers and leveraging technology to understand members better.

Overall, Crowell provides insights into the fitness and health industry, highlighting challenges, niches, future trends, and the role of technology in shaping the industry’s future.

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