Kevin Teixeira is a co-founder of The Warehouse Gym in Dubai. He has a strong passion for fitness, which began during his youth and led him to work in various roles within the fitness industry. He chose to establish The Warehouse Gym in Dubai due to the city’s diverse and entrepreneurial atmosphere.

The Warehouse Gym, now a decade old, was born from a vision to create the perfect gym. Teixeira and his team aimed to address the evolving landscape of fitness, including shifts in business models and a greater focus on specialization. They recognized the need for a multifaceted approach to exercise and the importance of understanding each client’s unique goals and desires.

The Warehouse Gym has expanded to nine locations in Dubai and plans to open three more in Abu Dhabi. Each gym is designed to be unique, considering factors like location, demographics, and Instagram appeal. The gyms offer a variety of exercise programs, designs, and equipment combinations, catering to the experience-driven modern customer. This approach allows them to provide diverse experiences across multiple locations, creating a thriving network of gyms. The Warehouse Gym is akin to a ClassPass, offering a range of gyms united under the same brand with a focus on quality.