Lluis Serra is the CEO and Managing Director of Sant Pol School of Hospitality and Culinary Management in Barcelona. He also serves as the President of EUHOFA, an international association of hotel, tourism, and culinary art schools and universities. He has been in this role for three years and has three more years ahead.

Serra discusses the challenges facing hospitality educators, particularly in attracting and training future professionals for the industry. He emphasizes the need to adapt to the expectations and needs of Generation Z, who prioritize work-life balance. He advocates for better employee conditions in the hospitality sector to address the alarming staff shortage worldwide.

He highlights that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for change in the industry. Graduates now have more power in choosing where they want to work, and companies are actively seeking talent with hospitality soft skills.

Serra also points out the increasing demand for emotionally intelligent individuals and problem solvers, which hospitality educators excel at developing. He stresses the importance of sharing best practices within the industry.