Marti Giral, a Hospitality Technology Consulting Manager at NTT Data, has a background in the hospitality business in Barcelona. He began his career as a General Manager in one of his family’s hotels and witnessed the rise of Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), which allowed more control over room pricing and inventory management.

Key concepts in revenue management for hospitality include understanding consumer behavior, maximizing customer lifetime value (CLV), and focusing on customer retention. Marti emphasizes the importance of assessing a customer’s CLV to determine the profitability of acquiring new customers versus retaining existing ones. This is challenging but crucial for effective revenue management.

One of the most exciting initiatives at NTT Data is their Globick platform, which offers activities, tours, and transfers for travelers. The platform is live with airlines and allows travelers to book experiences alongside their flights. However, hotels have been somewhat hesitant to participate, possibly due to their limited technological expertise and preference for focusing on traditional revenue streams like restaurant and spa bookings.

Marti believes that hotels should embrace technology and platforms like Globick to expand their offerings and revenue streams. He acknowledges that some hoteliers may be concerned about tech companies collecting more guest data than they receive in return. Still, he argues that platforms like Globick can provide valuable insights and profiles of hotel guests, ultimately helping hotels improve revenue management and increase profits.