Neuphony is a company led by CEO Ria Rustagi that focuses on brain health and wellness. They have developed a wearable device connected to a mobile app, available in over 18 countries. This device utilizes EEG technology to measure brain activity, assess cognitive health, and provide insights into stress levels, anxiety, ADHD tendencies, and other neurological conditions. Neuphony’s approach is holistic, combining personalized relaxation advice, meditation, yoga, and dietary recommendations with a preference for veganism.

Their target audience includes individuals seeking improved mental well-being, stress relief, and a better quality of life. Unlike traditional gyms that primarily address physical health, Neuphony concentrates on mental qualities, mood enhancement, and individualized strategies for various situations.

The device is used for short sessions (around 15 minutes), during which users can engage in activities like meditation, reading, or listening to music. Neuphony collects and analyzes data from users to provide meaningful feedback, suggesting practices to improve brain health. They focus on balancing the different brain wave layers and offer insights on meditation techniques tailored to individual needs. Neuphony collaborates with approximately 18 neurologists, including many in the USA, to ensure the effectiveness of their approach