Have you ever experienced a ‘Speakeasy’ cocktail bar? Have you ever tasted dry martini in the one best martini bar ever? ‘Dry Martini’ is Barcelona’s cocktail bar that has grown into an iconic star in the Cocktail Universe.

Dry Martini’ is different because of its total devotion for making highly specialized cocktails. Added to this is the impressively involving décor and ambiance, which takes you back to the American prohibition era when public alcohol consumption was forbidden. ’Dry Martini’ fully re-establishes mood and  design of the period, including the jazzy music they are surrounding you with.

Next to this, every visitor is offered a certificate of the customized cocktails consumed, as a reference when the guest comes back next time (clever customer retention strategy, at the same time!). Last but not least,

‘Dry Martini’ has a hidden real restaurant at the back, where you only can enter when you know the secret password.

‘Dry Martini’ is Experience Economy 21st Century, one of the leading trend scienceofthetim

e.com is continuously researching worldwide.

‘Dry Martini’ tells a story – No Story no Glory.

It mixes real good taste with sophisticated production technique – High Tech, High Touch.

It plays with Secrecy, please, so powerful desired by the Millennials generation.

Thanks to three of our St.Pol Barcelona Hospitality students with whom we have Coolhunted the streets of Barcelona: Iva Djordjevic, Cristina Garcia and Eleonora Esposito. Join us and apply now! 

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