Sleep is the new Quinoa

In Sao Paulo, concept store Zissou just opened. They are Cool and right, while selling mattresses. First, they spotted that mankind is sleep-deprived; the successful and ambitious ones not in the least. It decreases our quality of life and makes us stupidity-prone. Second, Zissou spotted that while we are following strict health-management programs, from the food we scrutinize to the ten thousand steps we track every day, at the same time we are ruining the results by full-blown sleep-deprivation. Third, Zissou tracked where the most energizing and relaxing top-quality mattresses are made – in the USA. Fourth, they made the logistics Cool and relatively cheap. The compressed mattresses come to your home in surprisingly compact boxes. Only out of the box they suck in enough air to grow to their real sizes.

You can order the mattresses online – cutting middlemen and high prices out. Or you can come to Zissou’s experience shop. There you can occupy the sleeping room for an authentic try-out, while Alexa brings your requested music and mood-colored light atmospheres. Before entering the sleeping room, you can choose to leave you mobile in the battery-loader, designed as tiny mattress. Because being hyper-connected 24/7 is un-wise and un-Cool.