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We are an academic trend and innovation agency working with a network of experts and researchers worldwide

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Validated Forecasting with Academic Depth

We offer trend insights and create strategies and innovative concepts for businesses and organizations. We are a trend forecasting agency exploring and contextualising innovation and developments in society. We support companies and institutions to adapt to a contemporary mindset: from economics to ecosystems, from linear thinking to an omni-channel approach and from latest to lasting.

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Our Methodology Summarized

We train business professionals to become more trend and innovation sensitive and use a proven working methodology in order to achieve our goals



Inspiration Keynote(s)

we give an inspirational keynote about a trend field so your organization is inspired to start collecting signs that are attractive, inspiring and have future growth potential


Tiny Seed(s)

Hunting Tiny Seed(s)

members of your organization start to collect tiny seeds/signs and post them on our online easy to use workspace. All seeds are rated and commented on by members within your organization and supporting members of Science of the Time



Analytic Circle(s)

After a series of trend fields and a sufficient amount of seeds/signs we teach your organization to find correlations between the findings and derive a trend that can shape the future or spark innovation.

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Coolhunts are group sessions in which people learn how they can spot and document upcoming trends by themselves.

You can hire us to come and give keynote presentations about research topics according your company's choice

We invite the best you to come and do an internship at Science of the Time, on-premise or online

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