THE Future hospitalities

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Chapter 1

Experience Economy

The term might be old. Everyone has heard of it. Nevertheless, let’s immediately stress that no term is filled with more lively and ever-changing content than this supersubstantial trend of Experience Economy

Chapter 2

Touch Points

Staying in a five-star hotel, a boutique hotel, on a cruise, or at a safari location: they all are designed to impress you by the uniqueness and memorability of what is on offer.

Chapter 3

Emotional Intelligence

Being successful in hospitality industry, can only accomplished with a good, even excellent sensitivity for what the people who will be your guests need and desire. Emotional intelligence is the key skill needed to do this convincingly right.

Chapter 4

Generation Z and the younger Millennials

During the last decade we’ve invited about ten thousand young people – young Millennials and Generation Z – to Cool hunt with us. With 54 universities and hotel schools at four continents involved. We’ve read thousands of their blogs. It makes us confident to proclaim that we know what makes them tick.

Chapter 5

The Loneliness Epidemic

What does the loneliness epidemic look like? May I start with some quotes by twenty somethings, from all over the world, as collected by the Financial Times and by the Economist 1843 magazine – both international and top-notch?

Chapter 6

Digital Marketing

You remember TV advertising, of course? It helped brands like Levi’s and Nike, Coca Cola and McDonald’s to acquire brand awareness top positions. When you bought the product or service advertising’s interest in you waned immediately, though. That’s different in the contemporary era of digital marketing. Now many are discussing what they have bought on the social media, continuously and in detail. Marketing and communication have adapted. Also in the hospitality industry.

Chapter 7

Food & Beverage

No hospitality without food & beverages. This booklet on future hospitalities can’t miss out on the topic. All leading trends discussed in this chapter.


Appending: All The Blogs

Apart from the Cool Hospitalities Hunts that we do – with EUHT StPOL – Sant Pol school of hospitality and culinary management, Barcelona in the center, as we have given masterclasses there for a decade now, with the Cool hunting methodology consequently ingrained in the curriculum – we also conduct a Cool Food Hunt and a Cool Agriculture Hunt – with the Dutch HAS University in the lead. By nature, Cool hunters with a hospitality perspective and hunters with a food and agricultural perspective generate different blogs and insights when it comes to the future of hospitalities. All, 36 Cool Seeds and examples (trhoughout the booklet) can be found here

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