KOEXISTENZ starts where ladles live peacefully together.

KOEXISTENZ starts where ladles live peacefully together.

Science of the time presents artist Sjon Brands.


The whole world wants fairness, civility and justice – plus other beautiful values like acceptance, diversity, empathy, emancipation, freedom and empowerment. Problem is these beauties don’t come easy. You have to create rules and laws and decent behavior around them in order to protect them and let them flourish.

More than ever however we live is a post-truth world, filled with filter bubbles and fake news. It leaves the beauties above unprotected, drained from any solid truth and meaning.
This is what artist Sjon Brands is reflecting on with his series of ready-made ‘groceries’. They are feather-light playful yet super-skilled crafted. They are named by the collective desires we all share and recognize, but have been reaped of any consistent meaning. They are non-sense, yet caressing our senses. Enjoy, but harness your critical power!


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