New Masculinity

Mentality Trends

 Our overall trends, the powerfully manifested movements that are developing the upcoming years and are affecting every member of society directly are called the Mentality Trends. Those are our insights that are important to keep an eye on. Now, and in the upcoming years.


Anger Distrust Cynicism

Decade Influencers

We prefer to call our Mentality Trends ‘movements’ because they are part of our social DNA, our desires and opinions, our mindsets over a longer period of time. Some of these trends are movements that never stop and they will never lose importance for social development (some call them Megatrends). We mapped these movements in the timeline of Science of the Time’s ‘heritage’ in research: the Decade Influencers Timeline. The movements we have been researching from the early start of Science of the Time.

Flat World Creativity

Signs & Seeds

At Signs & Seeds our trend professionals can start topics on trends which they want to discuss with others. Mostly ‘behind closed doors’ and only on invite. Here clients can also ask our network for expertise.

Future Urbanities

For more information about our trends and research visit the STUDY part of this website or contact us