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Coolhunts are group sessions in which people learn how they can spot and document upcoming trends by themselves. We offer an ‘International Cool Tech Program’, which aims to train business professionals and students becoming trend sensitive in their city and topics of choice.

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from all over the world, Africa-Eurasia, America and Australia

Besides the project-team consisting of members, professors, students from all over the globe, partner universities and individuals familiar with Science of the Time, you can join too! We invite you to join us and start Coolhunting! 

Next webinar will be on Monday the 15th of June at 19:30 Central European Time (CET)

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We are a trend and innovation agency working with a network of experts and researchers worldwide
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Our Content Partners

For the Cool-Tech Research project we partnered with the following Universities

Our Project Team

from countries and domains worldwide

We have a great team with high skill of work in their own domain. A highly skilled team can only satisfy the client by delivering their merit to the project.

In our professional life we have always aimed to make the employees, students – but also the businesses, teachers and professors we work with – more trend- and innovation-sensitive. Because we think that they need these skills and capacities in the 21st Century more than anything else. The international Cool Tech research project we conduct must be proof of this ambition and desire. In this – awarded – research we work with over 52 universities on four continents worldwide.


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Find, research and Publish you ideas and findings online, rate and comment your Coolhunting colleagues


Coolhunt Manual

The business employees and students go on ‘cool hunt’ over a period of at least several weeks. Each week they gather and document their coolest findings. They discuss them amongst each other and with their instructors, team-leaders, teachers, professors and other individuals. They rate and comment them on importance and Future Growth Potential.


How to

Learn how to create and publish your own ideas easily with our system. Our workspaces offer an easy to use interface, it's all about being productive!

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What to

Read here what to submit with your Coolhunting colleagues succesfully from around the globe. It's all about being creative!

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Science of the Time

Science of Cool!

Students or business employees are taught to ‘hunt’ for the cool and trendy and slo observe, to document and analyze their most interesting and coolest Seed of the New – within the inspiring context of the presented trends.

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