DNA-based nutritional blueprint


By Isa Bosmans

What it is

’You might suffer from an Omega-3 fatty acid production, according to our DNA test. Therefore, it is really important to follow a diet that includes a considerable amount of omega-3. We generated a personalized nutrition plan to become the healthiest version of yourself!’ Could you even imagine your app is telling you this? A personal nutrition plan based on your DNA, metabolism and personal health goals. It exists!

We are currently members of an information- overloaded society. Especially in the world of health, consumers are losing the overview and control what is best for our personal body. Consumers have the need to find a focus in life, this trend is also known as ‘Focus on overload’.  Neil Grimmer, founder of Habit believes we need to respect our unique DNA and have full knowledge of our health identity. If we feed ourselves with food that fits perfectly to our state of health, we can become the healthiest version of ourselves. Neil Grimmer collaborated with a dedicated and passionate team of scientist to develop a system that provides people with a personal nutrition advice, based on DNA and biomarkers indicators. The habit was the result of this valuable collaboration and was launched in 2017.

 Why it is Cool

It sounds like heaven, a nutrition plan that encourages you to become the healthiest version of yourself. But how can you become a ‘superhuman’? First, you will receive a testing habit-kit at home. This kit includes a cheek swab for DNA, a finger prick blood test to measure your cholesterol level, insulin, triglyceride and fasting blood glucose. To outline your personal goals and aspirations, you are also asked to measure your height and weight. The DNA samples will later be translated to nutrition-related genetic markers. The second part of the testing phase consists of participating in the ‘Habit shake challenge’. You need to test your blood just before you drink a habit shake and directly after drinking a habit shake. This unique metabolic challenge gives key insights into how your body handles fats, carbs, and protein when your body balance of homeostasis is temporarily disturbed. So now you’re done, your samples are ready to be shipped to the certified lap named Aegis, via a pre-labeled package. After waiting a couple of weeks, you will receive the test results. The results provide the user with a metabolic analysis. For example, what is the perfect balanced amount of carbs, fats, and protein in your meals? Furthermore, it gives insights into your biomarkers, in other words: what are measurable indicators of your biological state or condition. The lab results and body metrics will be translated into a personalized nutrition plan. Habit distinguishes seven types of nutrition types, with dozens of more specific sub-variations. The Habit app provides you with personalized recipes, suggested nutrition goals and a daily calorie target.

Why it has Future Growth Potential

According to a survey of the Imperial College of London, When we have the aim to lose weight, we have a tendency to immediately participate in the latest popular diet method, without having full knowledge of your body and needs. We all have different genetic and cultural trait that makes you a unique person with eccentric needs. The general dietary guidance is based on average food intakes from national census data and a mixture of scientific studies. Personalized food may be able to revolutionize the health.