Made By Rain


What it is

Is it possible to make tableware with the rain? Dutch artist Aliki van der Kruijs asked herself how to capture the experience of rain. For this she developed her own technique called pluviagraphy, to capture raindrops in ink. This makes a collection of unique textiles and ceramics that are customized with time, location and mm rainfall.

Made by Rain is an art project made in collaboration with Arita. This collection exists of patterns that are made and formed by the rain on fabric or ceramics. Which results in a spectacular pattern. At the back of this product, there is the date and time of the rainfall.

Why it is Cool

This product line is Cool because it has a new and challenging way of production. To make the plate, for instance, Thomas Dijk has made a special kind of glazing. The plate gets cast and then stewed. After those steps, it gets put in the rain. These products come in a very limited edition. They produce 100 a year and they cost around €360,00.

Why it has Future Growth Potential

The reason why this is such an important Cool seed is that it represents a bigger trend – the importance of storytelling. We see this in all kind of different sections of the B2C market. Different examples come to mind like the food industry where it becomes more and more important to see where the product comes from to the fashion industry where the references and background story are crucial.