Next level male grooming

A story by Manuel J Aragón, Aline Krioghlian & Phoebe Truong

Remember when we said Barcelona was a smart city? Well she is not only smart but has a lot of style. In fact, whenever we try to picture this city, its personality… We envision this steam-punk, rock loving girl in her mid-twenties ready to conquer the world: no apologies, no regrets; just drive and fire in her eyes. And tattoos, lots of tattoos.

However, this gorgeous woman has her pampering routines, she likes to look pretty for herself in the mirror, and since Barcelona is all about diversity, equality and civil rights, well, like a pampering day for women exists, a pampering day for the men of this city should be a thing too — right?

And we just happened to stumble on the right place for it…

Equally intriguing for both sexes is the concept store Elijah, a barber and tattoo shop opened in 2018 in Barcelona. Men come here to either get a haircut, get inked or pierced, and while they wait, they are given a freshly made espresso. This modern barbershop concept was designed by Stephen James, an Instagram celebrity, ex-footballer now turned model, with an unapologetic love for body art, meaning his skin is a walking canvas full of tattoos.

This barber shop is an ultra contemporary space, where space is the main protagonist; with a minimalistic approach that features designer furniture, white light, enticing aroma, and a decoration style that features some of Stephen James tattoos in the floor mosaics.

Dani — a bad-ass female artist at Elijah

Elijah is a state-of-the-art concept store which is intriguing for all yet catches the eye of millennials wanting to share their everyday life in an Instagram worthy setting.

It also includes six tattoo cabins with an incredible artist line-up, massage rooms and is stocked up with a limited edition clothing line.

The coolness of the space doesn’t stop there; when you enter the store, the smell of the exclusive House 99 by David Beckham male grooming line lures you inside. The shop also sells exclusive products by the famous footballer. It’s more than a barbershop, it is a place that represents a new lifestyle and a temple that celebrates socialism and self love.

We love this place so much because it has created a new concept, it is selling an experience to the simple act of getting a haircut. It’s simply a great reinvention of the classic Barber shop into a trendy, stylish and avant-garde shop where men will spend time and money. And not to mention, it embodies almost to perfection our beautiful personification of Barcelona with its good ambience, cool aura, and futuristic vibe which makes guests want to come back; we know Barcelona makes every visitor want to come back, again, and again… and again.

Life is too short to have a boring haircut! So, get the right one. And as the funny sign outside the shop said “therapy is too expensive, get a haircut instead”


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Written by: Manuel J Aragón, Aline Krioghlian & Phoebe Truong

Manuel J Aragón


Manuel J Aragon S is an economist and chef, currently studying a masters in Tourism Management and Planning. He is passionate about public policy and social development; his work experience is strongly related with project structuration and management on the public sector of Colombia, his homeland.

He describes himself as a grounded idealist that thinks it is possible to heal society one individual at a time. He finds this inspiration through his hobbies of reading and writing. He also likes meditation, sports, public speaking, effective communication, and subjects about personal development.

He is an ambitious individual and hopes to create a foundation that researches, collects, and documents indigenous folklore, food traditions, and recipes; all in order to create social and economic development on culture-rich societies.

His motto #MyLifeInACupOfCoffee.

Aline Krioghlian

Aline is a Master’s student specializing in F&B and restaurant management in Barcelona.

Previously a Social Media Content Writer in Dubai, Aline has decided to expand her knowledge and learn more about the hospitality field.

She loves traveling around the world and be open to new experiences that will expose her to new cultures. She’s Lebanese with Armenian origins.

She is passionate about constantly learning new things and exploring trends and creative solutions.

Her hobbies include cooking, photography and board games. When she’s not doing all those, she’s probably trying out a new restaurant.

She loathes speaking about herself in the third person, but can be convinced to do so from time to time. Find her on Instagram

Phoebe Truong

Currently pursuing a Master in Hospitality Management degree at the University College of Hospitality and Culinary Arts Sant Pol de Mar, Spain. Passionate about facilitating the best authentic travel experiences for myself and for others, at the same time making the world a better place.