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We help companies worldwide to innovate in credible ways, based on serious trend research.


Science of the Time dates back to 1992. It is one of the first and most reputated trend research and innovation agencies in the world. Founded by professor Carl Rohde, the company has worked with a caleidoscope of companies over the years, often in long term partnerships. Carl Rohde was awarded as the first professor of Trendwatching and Innovation at the Shanghai Institute of Technology in China. Downloads: List of clients / CV Carl Rohde


Science of the Time focusses on validated Cool Mentality Trends because these trends do not disappear overnight. They form a solid platform when it comes to building brands, business and communication concepts, new products and services. Trendwatching and Coolhunting are stimulating and inspiring, but they have to lead somewhere: to thorough innovation. We help companies worldwide to innovate in credible ways, based on seriously validated trend research.

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Sleep is the new Quinoa

In Sao Paulo, concept store Zissou just opened. They are Cool and right, while selling mattresses. First, they spotted that mankind is sleep-deprived; the successful and ambitious ones not in …

Inequality, Divide, Cohesion and Populism

PART ONE There are the Anywhere-people and the Somewhere-people. Anywheres live more often in the big cities. They are the exam-passing class. They have reaped the economic fruits of globalization. …

Drones & Bots; What’s The Big Deal?

PART ONE: Gradually we have been gliding into the drone age. Drone cameras have drastically decreased their size so they can fly along easily. Drone sensors are more powerful than …

China the smartest?

The stereotype happily depicts China as an innovation desert. That is lazy and arrogant and every day less true. It is also dangerous. Because attachment to stereotypes might imply that …

Hello Korea & Hello K-Pop

Two decades ago a movie like Jurassic Park made in one year two times the profits and turnover of all Korean Hyundai cars sold the same year. So the clever …

Intercultural Jokes

May I allow myself a somewhat more frivolous column? Its frivolity compensated by the responsible intercultural insights it contains? For my trends research I am fortunate enough to travel all …