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Our Starters/Millennials go hunting for tiny Seeds of what they consider ‘Cool’ –attractive and inspiring — with future growth potential.
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96 pages full of insights

Chapter 2


In 2025, Wesley works as a play-date consultant in New York. There, he learns the children of millionaires -using all his creativity and empathyhow to share their toys.

Chapter 3

The Second Machine Age

The second machine age has arrived.It is now about software-driven computer programmes that take over our mental brainpower and the additional work.

Chapter 4

Industrialisation 4.0

It was once only about physical labour activities, but the machines of the second machine age are able to take over the mental labour of people as well.

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Chapter 5

New Work, New Jobs

The fact that many jobs will disappear because of automation by the industrialisation 4.0 in the second machine age is very likely. But new jobs arise too!

Chapter 6

Quality In Work

Computers, robots and AI are going to perform more tasks in a better way than humans. However, that does not apply to all the work. A new category of successful jobs that have a little bit more of that human touch.

Chapter 7

100 Years Of Living And Working

We are getting older. Half of all the babies that are born in the Western world will live to be 105. A century ago this was one in a hundred.

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